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Our Superior Technology Services

Whether our clients are looking for custom software development, tech or vendor support, our team is ready to deliver the best service and strategy with expert level analysis in the industry. Our services include but are not limited to:

Custom Software and Mobile Development
Data Quality Management and Analysis
Data Migration
Legacy System Support
Artificial Intelligence & Automation
Cloud Based Services
Ringcentral API
Janus Framework
Agile Consultation
Business & Technical Analysis Services
Third Party Vendor Support

Why we are different

The Nexcend Competitive Approach

In today’s competitive, on-demand world, organizations must work even harder to to stay competitive and adapt. Expectations for quality continue to rise with little room for error. That’s where we come in.

Did you Know

8,380 projects were started by 365 companies in a study in 2016-2017: 80% of those projects were large or capital projects, 31.1% were canceled due to: Cost overruns, Schedule overruns, 58% of those projects only delivered 83% of what they promised.

On average, 83.8% of those projects were: 33% over schedule, 66% over budget, Only 16.2% were considered “ideal” projects.

This means that if you had a project scheduled for 3 mo. w/a $20,000 budget, it was likely a small project, Likely to be 33% over schedule,  Likely only able to deliver only 83% as expected, Likely to take 5 months, not 3 months, 66% likely to be over budget, 31.1% likely to be canceled and likely to cost $166,000.